Important Tips to Improve Mental Health

As everyone knows that health is very important for spending a happy and successful life. One has to realize that mental health is as important as physical health because emotions have a strong affect on one’s physical health and that too in a number of ways. In recent times key to get a great mental health has been found out and it is no longer considered a secret. In order to achieve better mental health follow the tips given below.

Firstly, one of the basic things is to have a balanced diet and a regular exercise that will help in improving one’s physical health that in return will help in releasing mood stimulants in a natural way by spreading in the body to improve one’s mood. Sunlight especially during winter months also serves the same purpose. Alcohol is a depressant so one should try to limit it and they should try to get sleep of seven to eight hours daily in order to have a balanced sleep cycle.

Secondly, stress can have negative or positive effects on the mind so it is very important to take certain steps to control stress which in excess is harmful and cannot be fully removed. By avoiding extra burden on oneself by rejecting surplus load of work or by taking out time to meet friends may help one in reducing stress level.

Thirdly, having common interests with some friends who are nonjudgmental, supportive and ready to listen to ones problems will help in improving the social circle and making life more uplifting and healthy. It is better to keep a distance from those people who try to bring down others morale.

Fourthly, meditation plays a vital role in keeping thoughts healthy. There a number of ways from which one can choose the right method which suits him the best. One can go to quiet and calm outdoor location or read a book that inspires him or one may find a calm place to relax him by focusing on sights and sounds.

Fifhtly, finding happiness by helping others is another way of keeping your mind healthy. One can achieve this be providing your services in community centers or by helping others at the soup kitchen. One can spend time with older people in nursing homes and reading books to them. These small gestures will help you in forgetting your tough routine and will give you inner happiness.

Sixthly, taking out time for one’s own self from busy routine will help in reducing some stress. One can improve his own self confidence and mood by reading a good book or by spending some money on oneself by having a massage or a new haircut.

Lastly, having some enjoyable hobbies of personal choice also relaxes and calms the mind. Some people love gardening, some love cooking or writing. These hobbies not only provide enjoyment but also improve your mental health by providing you creative means.

It is important to know that mental health can be affected by a number of ways so it is important to follows these tips to improve your mental health. If the health doesn’t improve after following the above tips then it is necessary to consult a psychiatrist or a physician.

“You Are So Wrong” – Seven Tips for Good Mental Health Despite the Judgment of Society

Whenever a tragic event occurs, someone inevitably comments about the show of emotion from those involved. Either those people are not showing enough emotion, or they are showing inappropriate emotion. Many who engage making such judgments have never faced such events. Nevertheless they feel qualified to scrutinize the observed behavior.

People love to offer opinions and advice on everything. Opinions and advice make for excellent conversation and debate. Such events cause reflection on life. Such reflections are necessary to grow.

The challenge comes when one does not know how to separate from society’s opinion and form an independent self. In order to reach optimum mental health, one must develop and grow a strong identity that is specific to oneself. Several steps required are:

1. Realize that you have a contribution.

Each person has a purpose. It could be as great as ridding the world of some evil. Likewise, one’s purpose may simply be to learn a specific lesson for the good of oneself. Either way, it is an important concept that requires attention.

2. Learn that the approval of everyone is undesirable

The teachings of society often contradict themselves. On one hand, people learn that approval is vital to success and acceptance. At the same time, shows us role models who had little approval. People like John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy, not only faced disapproval, but had their lives taken for it. The approval of everyone requires a belief in nothing, combined with an ability to change one’s displayed beliefs at a moment’s notice.

3. Explore and Investigate

One characteristic of good mental health is intellectual curiosity. Ironically, this characteristic doubles as a treatment in and of itself. A measure of mental and emotional strength is the ability to look at the world beyond oneself. Think about something you find interesting. Then educate yourself about that subject. You will find that one question leads to another.

4. Develop a belief system based on you.

You, along with everyone else, has a right to an opinion. You can believe what you want. You can hold controversial beliefs. Not everyone has to agree with them. No one has to agree with them. Just be aware that your beliefs will rarely be shared by everybody. No one has a right to dictate your beliefs. Likewise, you don’t the right to do that either.

5. Learn that disagreements are not always bad.

Beliefs are good to have. However, rigid beliefs are destructive. Beliefs requiring judgment are destructive. Judgment limits the mind. It limits the ability to learn. Hold to your beliefs, but at that same time be flexible. Listen to others as they discuss their belief systems. They may offer some wisdom that had escaped you before.

6. Accept that as a human you will always have a lot to learn.

Mentally healthy human beings have minds that can expand to consider new ideas, yet hold and process information that enters them. Open minds are the healthiest. That’s because open minds don’t prohibit healing ideas from entering. So much of the mental distress that we see today is self-imposed. Opening your mind allows you to view so much that you did not know about.

7. Accept that you are no better, or worse, than anyone else.

We are all equal. No one is better because he or she has more money, more power or more education. Likewise, no one is better because he or she is of a certain race or religion. We are able valuable creatures. When we accept this, we remove so many chains from our lives. When there is no need to compare ourselves to others either as superior or inferior, we are free to enjoy new people and new adventures. That freedom brings the most essential element to good mental health, peace of mind.